5 Grocery Store Mistakes Making You Gain Weight

5 Grocery Store Mistakes Making You Gain Weight

1Yes, you’re saving money, but you won’t be saving calories. An American Journal of Preventive Medicine study confirmed that because shoppers are highly motivated by lower prices, both manufacturers and retailers manipulate and influence customer choices by putting products on sale and offering coupons. And—you guessed it—these coupons can get you to buy products you otherwise wouldn’t, and most of the time, they’re not going to be great for you.

2 You buy the ‘premium’ products.
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Treat yo’ self! Really, you can, but don’t do it just because an item is expensive. A Journal of Consumer Research study found that high prices can be used to signal a “premium” product, which can entice you to indulge in a food more so than a generic brand. (It also increases your enjoyement of a product.) So while that $40 bottle of wine might sound enticing, at least make sure you’re sticking to portion control while serving.

3 You fall for buy-one-get-one deals.
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It’s pretty straightforward: did you only need one box of cookies? Probably. Did you get two because there was a buy-one-get-one special? Yes. The CSPI reports that this marketing tactic used in grocery stores is extremely successful, and customers ultimately buy more than they plan—which means you have more calories to consume. Here’s a useful tip: many times, like at Whole Foods, you only need to buy one product and you’ll still get the deal.

4 You buy multi-packs.
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Similar to the tip before, if you only need one can of soup, opt for one. Multi-packs of soup, chips, candy, and other junk foods, can leave you with more food and calories than you budgeted for.

5 You opt for a cart instead of a basket.
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Of course, if you’re doing a weekly grocery haul, it’s probably for the best that you grab a cart; however, if you’re just stopping in to grab a few items, make sure to grab a basket. If you have to carry a basket on your arm, you’re more likely to be deterred from buying more than you planned for because the weight of your groceries will take a toll on your tired arms. For more tips to get the most out of your food shopping, don’t miss these best supermarket shopping tips ever!

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